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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Yo Budgie!

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There is this girl at our school and though I don't really know her I have found after a couple of observations that she has this amazing ability to uphold several conversations simultaneously. She could talk on the phone, while maintaing 2 or 3 seprate conversations with other people around her. I don't know if it is a trait she has developed over the years, or if its just her bubbly and energetic personality coming through. To me she is quite interesting.

I remember a time when I was kind of like that. (though I still am quite an interesting I am referring to my ability to chit chat.)
I remember many a time where I'd get in trouble coz my mouth was faster than my brain. My year 6 teacher Mrs Agnes Stewart had a name for me. Well actually it was name she used to call any student who'd talk un necessarily in class :Budgie.
A budgie she informed our class, was a talkative and noisy little birdblog Layouts
I had never laid eyes on this particular specie, don't know if we have it in Samoa but budgies we were called collectively when we made excessive noise.
Hosted by SparkleTags.comA few years later when I was in Intermediate School, I found out via a random conversation with mom that Mrs Stewart is the wife of her cousin Wilbur Stewart from Vailu'u-tai. Never mentioned to mom that she used to refer to me and my class mates as budgies but knowing my mother she would have prob said that it was too mild a term to describe someone like me and that in reference to my ability to chitter chatter endlessly @ times, Mrs Stewart was actually being kind. chooo hooo!
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