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Monday, July 10, 2006

Italy Reigns Supreme.

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The Finals of the blog World Cup has been played out and Italy has made good on their word that they will take the Honors. It was a fiery match which was awesome to watch. The edge of your seat, nail biting type. It was on like 3 :30 here in Japan and ended around 5 :30 am. Both teams scored one goal each. The game went into overtime 3 times the players looked exhausted and tempers were running high. To show that a game of such importance can affect even the very best. A confrontation between the French captain and one of the Italian players saw veteran Zidane and sole goal scorer for France given a red cardimage hosting by the referee and sent off during the second lot of extra time. His absence was obviously felt by his team mates who despite some good attempts failed to penetrate the Italian goal line.

images Though I was hoping the winner wouldn't have to be a result of penalty shoot outs it was decided that way.
The Italian team played with a lot of passion the French were also hungry for a win at the end it was the Italians who came out on top 5-3.

image hostingZidane is looking to retire from International Soccer and it would have been nice to have his international career end on a high with his Team winning the prestigious world cup but the Italians came out and spoiled their plans. And he leaves the international arena in a fashion he would rather forget.

blog layoutI am not as crazy about soccer as I am about rugby coz our soccer team is like no where near as good as these awesome teams but I follow certain players that I like especially the Brazillian Team (Carlos, Ronaldo, Ronaldhino etc) Beckham (England) De Rossi, Totti & Baggio (Italy) Zidane, Henry (France) etc etc.

blog Who will raise this cup in South Africa in 2010? The Italians will be sure to come out strong as defending champs. Brazil will look to go 2 better than they did this time. Long time power houses like Germany and England will also be in contention and France will seek to avenge this years loss.

As for other up coming teams like Australia, Japan, Australia etc working their way to the top is a dream that can be achieved if they want it badly enough!

Gotta get some sleep its 6 in the morning already. It's 10 am in Samoa and my family is prob at church. After which they will come home to a fabulous toonai.Most probably they will have "Oka " raw fish in coconut cream/milk umu (baked taro & luau), fried fish, chicken soup, salad, and roasted pork.

Ok I think I better stop before I give myself a headache.

Gonna get some zzzzzzzzzzz so people good nite oh good morning so happy I don't have classes hehe!


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