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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

My passion for decorating stuff.


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Hmmm... describing myself again, but then it's good to build up one's confidence, just do it in moderation and no one will feel the need to deflate your
But I think I've always had, a healthy self esteem. I've taken my share of flak for being too overt in my interest in regards to some weird and wacky stuff such asblog and extreme games but I believe I've mellowed somewhat in my old age. This however has not diminshed my passion for certain things such decorative stuff to create colorful pages, birthday cards, diaries,school books etc.
Hence my love for avatars/glitter animations and the likes..Sometimes I go way overboard but I think I have always been this way.

Take for example back when I was in Year 2, my class went under the tutelage of well known Italian artist Mr Ernesto Corter. (??)He taught us how to put colored glass on a painting that now adorns a Government Office somewhere. My mom almost had a nervous breakdown when she came across the piles of broken shards of glass which I, the ever so eager apprentice had collected in order to create my own masterpiece. Needless to say my art work never materialized, as the glass was duly confiscated and thrown in the rubbish by my mom who then proceeded to watch me like a hawk.Despite not being given the chance to explode my creativity upon the world, my need to create and bring to life something that was entirely my own continued to thrive in the silence of my mind. One day one day...
(I sound like a female version of Dr Frankenstein whoahahahaha!)

Year 4 onwards I would spend hours decorating the cover pages of my school excercise books with that oh so familiar phrase "First Term"
I was no Leonardo Da Vinci but I was usually able to put together a passable Title Page. Drawing was second only to my love of stationarylayout for myspace and accompanying accessories such asimages erasers etc. Sure there are other stuff I like a whole myriad of things such as stickers/lunch boxes/ cinnamon rolls/ elegi sandwiches/ pencil cases/ chinese lollies/pop rice/ramen/milk shakes/pagi popo/ keke puaa/ half moon pineapple/ ice pops/ first aid kitsblog Layouts andblog Layouts etc etc etc....


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  • At 9:04 PM, Blogger supasta said…

    hey man..u dont have the Waikiki time on ya
    jst giving u a hard time
    take care purrrty mamaz..

  • At 9:08 PM, Blogger dasifi said…

    at ur service
    up it goes.
    Take care puridee gurl.

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