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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

When You Are Feeling Down

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Not every day is easy, definately some weeks will have more difficult days than others but we should take solace in the knowledge that things can and will get better (eventually)
There are times even when you are in the midst of a group you still feel lonely.
There are moments when you just want to scream your head off due to frustration but know that it will not make things better.
There are even moments when you wish your life could be different but no matter how alone we feel at times rest assured that God is always there.
He will help us along, for some who knows the words of this banner from Sparkletags may hold true for you.

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For me usually a big hug and kiss from my baby gurl will do.
So if you are feelin' the blues today here's a couple of
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from me and Elsa for you. Take it easy and God Bless.
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