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Tuesday, July 25, 2006


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After being in the country for almost 2 years plus a thousand pleas to use chop sticks.... my husband has finally relented to using them. Though not proficient but he is able to feed himself without!
It is not that he dislikes them, he claims that the problem lies in the fact that he can not eat as comfortably or as fast as he would like to and therefore unable to fully enjoy his meal as he would with a spoon or fork.
image hosting Despite his initial reluctance, he is becoming familiar with using hashi and no longer dreads going to a restraunt and seeing no spoons on the table. This takes care of the embarrasment of having to ask for a spoon or fook and gets given a baby one (Japan you gotta love it!)
image hosting Elsa on the other hand has been trying on lipstick that she finds around the house. Not mine of course as I don't wear any, wouldn't know how to put one on without having them smeared all over muh face and maybe even get some on muh teeth (eek not a pretty picture) At two and half she still has a lot of growing up to do so the lipstick has to be put away for now..let's start with the Alphabet first and our numerals before we hit the grown up stuff 'k babes.

Kids they grow up way too fast. One minute they are crawlin' around the house the next they wanna look like the latest teen queen on tv..hell no!
but I guess it's still a lot better than havin Jessica Simpson as a role model (Heaven forbid)

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  • At 4:45 AM, Blogger Peachy.. said…

    I am so embarrased, part Japanese ae le iloa lava fa'aoga ni chopsticks..My Aunty gave up on me a looooong time ago. So true how kids grow up to fast.. I am often amazed at the vocabulary words my son uses that I never did when I was his age. But a part of you will wish that they stay as babies forever... Soifua.. pht

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