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Saturday, May 20, 2006

The Love Goes On & The Fun Continues

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Just when I thought the fun was over I was pleasantly suprised Friday night at our Fellowship Meeting when I was presented with another Birthday Cake..oh yayyeerr and Tito Jun (Uncle Francisco) sang this beautiful song just for me.
I was touched , deeply moved as it was a first for me in the presence of others.
I gave my humble, heartfelt thanks to everyone for all the prayers, best wishes and prezzies.
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My gratitude extends to the warm messages from:
- preediful brainiac Nydia of Malie momma of angel bebe Tino Chu Ling.
- sexy Jenz Hawaii/Samoa)
- glamour gal Fotu.V (soon to be of Hawaii/Samoa)
- classy J.J FotuoSamoa (New Zealand/Samoa)
- oh well Colorado Springs/Fagaalu Am Samoa.
- my lovely Jen Jen in Saga,
- my beautiful Loma in Kurume
- sweet Bessie in Tokushima
- darling Nara up in Tokyo
- Sassy Brenna in Kumamoto
- hearthrob Faafetai in Karatsu
- dear Anna Dobrovolskaia Russia/Creo Heights
- fabulous Icha Indonesia/Ishigaki
- delightful Ayako Hiwasa of AP House.
- King and Queen of Lalovaea Manfred and Puaina Pfeiffer of Stuttgart Germany
- Koli, Elenoa & Tiapepe Uiagalelei of Futiga Am Samoa
- niece April Esera of Iliili Am Samoa
- nieces, Lemina, KJ & Line brother Esera (Samoa.)
Honto Ni Arigato Gozaimashita!

After our fellowship we invited Yoshiaki kun over for a late dinner yep it was real late. Got back to our house around 10pm, had our dinner around 11:30. Ata Tintin and Lisa went to the Conveni and bought loads of snacks n drinks. We pigged out till 1am. Ata Tintin and Maro watched a replay of the Hurricanes vs Warratah Game. Not bad. I tried hard to keep quiet about who won as I already knew results from Fotu's blog.

Elsa dozed off so we were all able to enjoy the match.
After the game I could not go to sleep so me and Maro stayed up to watch tv. Good line up though : Revelation, Bones, CSI Miami.
6:00am had our morning devotion and personal quiet time. 7:00am went to sleep. It was Saturday so it was ok to sleep in. Got up around 2pm it was such a lovely day compared to the rest of the week which was mostly cloudy with scattered rain here n there.Earlier on in the week the weather chanel predicted that there was the possibility of a typhoon coming our way but I guess the Lord thought otherwise.
We took advantage of the fabulous day so Ata drove us to Oita. Browsed the malls lookin' for some big clothes for Maro as either his ones are shrinking from the wash or he is gaining a lot of weight but because he is tall it's not so obvious.

We ended up at Don Quixote had lunch at some restaurant Ata paid for our meals. She went even further and got me the lovely chair Malolo and Elsa are sitting on plus my other goodies. Poor girl had to get it as I didn't want to move again once I sat down on the one that was being advertised in the store. Well all this love merited a second entry in regards to my birthday. I needed to express my sincere thanks to everyone especially to my husband and baby Ata
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Thanks sweetheart. Love you God Bless your dear Heart!

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to me... to me ..what a fantastic week it has been. Thank You Lord for all the love I have received.

On with the story:
Had ice cream at Baskins n Robbins oh yeah! Came home, ate some more... Malolo made us corned beef stirfry like how we do it back home with chinese cabbage etc yummm... Full and content I entered Slumberland again. I conked out for a couple of hours and now I am up again.Ata and the girls (Tintin, Huong, Lisa??)have gone to Oita to Cool Banana to be precise,last night was Sugar Party but there still may be a few brave souls who'd venture out tonite.

Tomorrow I am leading our praise and worship before the actual service. Yikes.
A little unsettled as I don't have 'em japanese songs down yet. Have to get up early and practice. Malolo is waiting for the replay of the Crusader vs Bulls game might stay up to watch if I have the energy. I already know who's gonna win so I wont be mising out on much.
Well that's it from me for now.
Wishing everybody a Safe and Happy Weekend.
images Happy belated Birthday to my niece Line who turned 24 yesterday Friday 19th, nephew Hans who is turning 22 Saturday May 20, niece Elenoa Gloria who will be 14 I think Sunday May 21
From the family here in Japan a gift in the form of a prayer. Much alofa's to you all.
Hosted by SparkleTags.comMental Note to self "I love Birthdays yes I do especially Mine. I looooooooove Birthdays yes siree!!"

2 lilsifi:

  • At 2:54 AM, Blogger Peachy.. said…

    Hi Dasifi,
    I can see you've been spoiled rotten. Goes without saying, " E alofagia lava le tagata e amio tausa'afia." I feel I've gotten to know you just by your posts. Love the pictures, you have a very beautiful family- Her father is going to have to fight off the boys pretty soon... Manuia...

  • At 3:11 AM, Blogger dasifi said…

    oh well??? thanks dear for the kind words.
    I still am overwhelmed by all the attention, love, prezzies and well wishes I received not only for Mother's Day but my birthday as well. I am so grateful to God for all that I have been blessed with and that includes wonderful people such as yourself and the rest of our little blogging community.
    Manuia tele le vaiaso.

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