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Monday, May 01, 2006


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I have read many forwards, friends keep sending me about the kind of person you are or likely to become because of the month you were born in. Things like personality traits, moods, likes n dislikes etc... I 've taken some quizzes, mini tests just for fun and the final analysis is just hilarious. The descriptions can fit anyone born in any month so I don't put any stakes in that stuff and you shouldn't either.

I know that my character has been built up over the years :
- via interactions with the physical environment
- colored by the social norms of my culture
- influenced by the values of my parents
- developed by my western/eastern education
- guided by the morals in the Good Book
- enhanced thru different relationships and associations
- toughened up by certain life experiences
-and flavored by my own personal tastes and preferences.
Howz dat for an analysis?
Being born in May has nothing to do with the wild streak I obtained in being the youngest of 9 children. I mean I could have been born in any month and still be a wacko blog layout I have been thru many skirmishes as a youngster gotten into all sorts of trouble (not the illegal type) that one can not simply jot them down as to being born in a particular month of the year. May is a fabulous month that's a given but it is, in no way responsible for how I feel, my actions, behavior...what I was... definately what I am or might be. I have both an adopted brother and sister and the two are younger than me but they came much later in life so most of the time I had to invent scenarios for myself and escape into my own world to have fun. And fun I had.

When I was about 11 or 12 I used to love staying behind at school so I could continue playing on the swings. My sister who is before me is 9 years older than I am so I couldn't hang out with my older siblings as I'd just be in the way. So I learned to create adventures for myself. Home was only ten minutes away from school so I could play for as long as I wanted there but after a few swipes of the salulima (broom) I figured it wasn't worth it, fortunately there was always the Seventh Day Adventist playground across the street to be explored.
blog layouts So on Saturdays when the church members had gone home, the compound virtually empty. I would run across and swing away till my little heart was content. But after a while I got tired of the monotonous routine (being on the see-saw by urself can get a little tedious har har) and started to explore the grounds. It was during this time that I came across a swimming pool. I was quite small then so the pool looked quite big but very fetching. As the pool was surrounded by a well kept hedge I wondered why no one used it. It was a hot day and after all that swinging I was drenched so I took off my shirt..had a quick look around and then jumped in. I don't remember how long I had been in there till I was woken out of my reverie by a loud scream " hey kid!... you get out..get out.. what do u think ur doing?"

Confused (couldn't figure out what was so dreadful abt using the pool) and quite scared I scrambled out, grabbed my tshirt and ran. It's not as if he was gonna give me candy or anything he said he was gonna get me so I scrammed. I was small and lithe back then and very quick on my feet so I was gone in a flash leavin' the huffin' n puffin' caretaker to eat my dust. Unfortunately from the compound you can see the main road and though the man could not catch me he could see where I was running to.

Soaking wet, water dripping everywhere I ran and hid underneath the stairs leading up to the second storey of our house. After a few minutes though still panting I could hear our dogs bark as a man's voice called out "Anyone home" Anyone home!"
My mom who was in the kitchen making supper came and opened the door. She politely asked the man if she could offer him some assistance. The man proceeded to tell her that he was looking for a young boy who was swimming... * shame* * in the church's Baptismal pool. (YIKES!!) and he saw him run into our gate. My mom as I had mentioned earlier was in the kitchen so she did not see me speed by. She then informed the man that though she has sons her boyz were all grown up. The man probably looked around and realized that anyone could run through our land down the river and cross to the other side and the woman speaking to him had no reason to lie and sounded sincere. So he apologized for the intrusion and left.

I think the man had just disappeared from view when my mom realized just who the mysterious boy was. And then with a voice that could have easily brought the man running back she called out my name. I knew I had it coming, more of that wonderful Samoan discipline that starts with the broom and can end with the belt if you make more noise than thought necessary or didn't look remorseful enough.
As if on cue I got my hiding from my mom but what was worse was re-living that embarrasing INCIDENT each time one of my siblings arrived home. My mom wasn't thru punishing me she relished the look of utter shame on my face each time she reiterated what the man said. If that wasn't enough I was also beating myself up for my bad.
Baptismal pool...swimming pool... baptismal pool... thought I'd never live that one down.

Luckily I wasn't scarred for life. But I am so much older than 11 I have learned to take it on the chin. You know what they say "what doesn't kill u will only make u stronger ** gulp!*" Well we all have our little secrets right? some are intimate, some heartbreaking, others downright embarrasing and then there are those you can let out after a kazillion
blog layouts PS/ I have been back once to that pool and now after so many years later it looks so small I can't believe I mistook it for a normal swimming pool. (But what the hey..I was just a kid and it was not as if every home in Samoa had a pool in the backyard..... shhhhhhhhh PUGI!)
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    Wow. This is a truly original blog you have here.

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  • At 5:21 AM, Blogger dasifi said…

    Thanks, much appreciated I am still new at this but its a lot of fun and it helps with the mental blocks when I am trying to study.

  • At 5:42 AM, Blogger Goddess of Savaii said…

    sole. thats just hilarious!!!!

    you could just say, 'you bathed in holy water' or 'you baptised yourself' or ...okay, i better stop here and do some work....dop lau story se,
    keep em' memories flowin'...

  • At 5:24 PM, Blogger dasifi said…

    Fotu soia ke kau faaosooso..I'd rather read ur adventures it keeps this ancient person young @ heart.

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