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Monday, June 05, 2006

Friday Family Fellowship Camp 2006.

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We asked God for good weather he gave us 3 perfect days and two awesome nights. All we prayed for he granted and more. God is faithful and he provides to the point where your cup will brim over.
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The day before Maro, Lisa, Elsa and I put the finishing touches on all our preparations. We checked and re checked if we had everything and at the time it seemed like we did. But I later found out @ the Camp Site that they did not have wooden spoons or the likes to stir food just these long Chop Sticks thingys but still it was all good. 3/4 from the checklist aint bad har har!! but really I had such a good time what was lacking could not take even one iota away from the whole experience.

Thursday June 1.
After taking Uncle, Aunty and the children to the Camp Yoshida sensei picked us (Malolo, Lisa, Martina, Elsa & I) up from home around 10:15 in the morning. We loaded up all our stuff and off we went. Our next stop was Sekinoe Marushoku where we were supposed to pick up Win, Vhelle and Manami. We could only fit Win, as the car barely had available space.. poor Lisa was wedged in between the bags and futtons. We had all the shopping for the food plus our mattresses and suitcases so we could only take one more person.

As we made our way up the mountain we could feel the poor car giving it its all coz of all that weight but we made it safely to the camp site about 30 minutes later. We unpacked and sensei came back for the others. Sho was the other driver so between the two of them they managed to have everyone there before 12 pm. Elsa and Kyoko hit the playground immediately. After running thru the schedule Lisa had everyone allocated to their cabins and respective groups.

We had our bentos/lunches checked into our respective cabins, enjoyed our free time and then got ready for our first session at 3pm. After the session my Cooking Crew and I got dinner on the way. We had baked lamb, chicken stew,and boneless mutton stir fry with rice (of course

While we were making dinner the rest of the crew was with Victor and Maro playing games. Mark and Sho went to pick up Nana from the airport he came all the way from Osaka which was so sweet.Most participants had their shower around 6:40pm and @ 7pm dinner was served. I was estatic coz for our past camps dinner did not always make the alloted time we'd either be 30 minutes or an hour late but this time we were right on the mark. I guess practice makes perfect.

Yoshida sensei gave a message about Service. A very important lesson for all of us: How in all that we do if we do it for God then we are praising him and magnifying his name with our abilities.
Elsa was so tired from all the exitement she fell asleep around 9pm. I was able to spend one hour in the bath in the oh so nice tubs. Lights out was 10pm which was kinda early but most of us were tired so we went to bed not only willingly but gratefully.
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5:00am woke up had my quiet time. 6:00 am started to prepare breakfast. 6:30 am Maro and his boys from cottage E helped carry breakfast up to the main eating area.
Again another beautiful day. Thank You Lord.
Morning excercise with Lara and Nana.
Another session more praise and worship.
Time for cottage practise and group practice for our Talent Show in the evening.
Prepared Lunch : Spaghetti and baked chicken with salad. yummmmm
More group preparations. Lisa and Sho went to pick up Jenny's cake.
Tai and Jenny followed them back to the Camp Site.
It was such a blessing to have them there.
Uncle had a treat for me..he and Win prepared dinner giving me time to practice with my group and just hang out. whoopeee..
We went sliding took photos etc.
Ata arrived safely.
Had dinner. Sang Happy Birthday to Jen and gave her her cake.
Talent Show began around 8:30 pm we had lots and lots of fun finished up around 11pm.
Went back to our cabins had some of Jen's lovely cake oishii..
Hanged out with Lisa, Maro, Jen and Tai.
Had another lovely bath.Went to bed around 1 am.


Saturday 3rd June.
Woke up at 5am did quiet time.
6am prepared breakfast Kyoko and Sylvia gave me a hand. Breakie was ready before 7am.
Praise and Woship.
Led our reflection time. Really great to hear what each person had to say, how they felt. 10 :30am Uncle concluded our Camp with a prayer, more words of encoragement and thanked all whose contibutions financial and othewise made the retreat such a success.
Went back to our cabins cleaned up. Made sure everything and everyone was accounted for. Sho began to shuttle people back, Jen and Ata who have cars helped out. Sensei dropped us off again. Extremely Tired but just so very happy until I got home and realized that this might very well be my last camp. Elsa and I will be in Samoa for most of next year for my research. So we will miss the Spring Mid Semester break Camp sniff!sniff! unless there will be a Fall one but who knows what God has in store.
I am just so grateful that he has blessed our time together in such a way that it has exceeded far and beyond my expectations. But then again God never does anything in half measure. Thank you Father for all the precious gifts you have entrusted to us (life and love and our families) as well as those you continuously bless us daily with such good health, good friends, safety and happiness
Hallelujah and AMEN!

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