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Monday, May 29, 2006

Terrific Thursday June 1.

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Quarter break is just a couple of days away. Come Thursday, we are off to Oita Nogyo Bunka Koen or "Oita Agricultural Park" which is like 45 minutes away. It is a lovely place they have tucked away here coz it looks like part of the country side has been transplanted to the middle of this concrete jungle.

It's a vast tranquil area with fruit trees, and soft waters winding their way through the compound like a snake pursuing some unseen prey. Lush gardens with butterflies dancing on flower petals and windmills like a scene out of the "Man from La Mancha" (the adorable but wacky Don Quixote) There are several well placed gazeebos enhancing the beauty of the landscape. Fun slides and rides for the young and old alike. There are Butterflies displays, ice cream parlours and other stalls in the main complex. Yep there's something for everyone.

But I am getting ahead of myself meaning "we" I am referring to our Friday Family Fellowship Group. This will be our 4th Camp and a perfect opportunity to get re-aquainted with each other as we have been busy with school. It is also a fun way to get to know our new members. As in all our past camps we invite both Christians and non christians alike, as well as APU and non APU students.
"Elsa at the Park our excercise for the day"

Registration Fees is only 2000 yen or $17 dollars but it's really a sweet deal.The cottages are spacious, elegant and clean. The grounds as I have mentioned before are just breath taking, there's lots of leisure acrivities that one can partake in. The meals which we will prepare ourselves will be awesome I just know it. (I'm in charge of the food so you can bet it's gonna be good) We are gonna have, chicken stew, pasta primavera, saladimage hosting

baked lambblog Layouts , thai curry and good ole sapasui he!he! yum yum..
We will have our bible study, group sessions, men/women sharing time, meditation hour, quite time, personal time, group talent shows, country performances,testimony presentations. Lots of singing, games, fun you name it. I know that we will have 3 fabulous days and 2 wonderful nights. I pray for great weather but rain or shine I believe we will have a grand time.

"Maro's cake from Indra, Chica and baby Wira"
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My husband's birthday is today but the poor man is at work. I feel for him but he's willing to work on his birthday so that he can have Thursday & Friday off to join the Camp. We can celebrate his birthday there instead but we did have a fun time yesterday after church. We my husband, Mark and I went to Fresh Burger a great new place downtown. After that it was off to see Da Vinci Code at 4:40pm. Malolo fell asleep half way thru.. ummm after paying $15 bucks I made sure he was up for the remaining one and half hours. Had late dinner with our fambam around nine in the evening with lots of ice cream and cake courtesy of Felise n Shiori n Yoshiaki. The gurls made yummy salad again. I still owe him a present but I am such a good wife he says its all he needs *jokes*
Moving along I am excited to be out in them wide open spaces again I have one paper that needs to be in by Wednesday so I guess I better go over it again. I don't want to spend any time thinking about school requirements while I am camp. I am looking forward to being refreshed...rejuvinated..revitalized. Maybe to catch up on much needed sleep but I so want to take advantage of the beautiful natural surroundings I might forgo the notion of sleep. But for now I have to start rummaging thru our dresser to pack the clothes we need, toothbrush etc etc.


As I have mentioned Camp is Thursday 1st June. Though it will only be Wed 31st back home..I still want to wish everyone a "safe and enjoyable Independence Day!"
blog layout God Bless Samoa: from the Head of State and his deputies,to the PM and his Cabinet. The Honorable Members of Parliament. Church Leaders, Traditional Chiefs, Heads of Depts, Parents, children, the aged, this sick, the disabled, wealthy the healthy, teen agers, govt workers, private companies/businesses, foreign expats, prisoners. cops, nurses, whatever be ur ambition or present status in life. If you are Samoan I wish you a fun time.
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I miss watchin' the early morning parades. It remains one of my fondest memories of my dad sitting on his shoulders watching excited faces pass by, the long boat races, the brass bands and marching girls competitions, school performances etc.

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Reminiscing about special days like the Independence Celebrations makes me pray even more that God will grant me the opportunity to bring my little girl home one day so that she can eat sugar cane and lopa. Peel some mandarin oranges and buy BBQ on da roadside while watching the colorful parades go by as I used to do.
image hosting "Ia faamanuia le Atua ia Samoa ma lana Sisiga Fua"
Best of luck to our Guard of Honor during Inspection time. Hopefully this year no one will faint. To me that has become like a classic feature of the Celebrations, like the Papauta girls with their talcum powdered hankies and the Avele Boys with their insgnia yellow seashell necklaces.
blog LayoutsGod Bless all of us. Long Live the People of Samoa.
Till next time.
Fa laia.


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    Came across this post searching for Nogyo Park, which I explored just yesterday! It was rainy and we didn't have much chance to see the whole park. I enjoyed reading your post, knowing that Long before I come to APU there were people enjoying this place :).

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