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Friday, April 14, 2006


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To many it's just another holiday, a longer weekend, a scrumptious meal on Sunday, an extra day off work Monday (in some parts of the world) which translates into more time to spend with loved ones..getting together with family n friends for a picnic, a drink up or a movie.
There are usually easter hunts for the littles ones and of course who gets the most easter eggs not only gets to have one helluva sugar rush but the option of sharing their bounty with the less fortunate ones.But what does Easter eggs and Bunny have to do with the Crucification and Resurrection of Jesus Christ?*?blog Layouts Sure the Easter bunny is cute and all, kids as well as adults love easter eggs and the games attached to them but what does it all mean. There is that seasonal connection which you can read up on da net : but for non Christians it don't really mean a thing and who gives a jot but for those of us who value what Easter represents the bunny and all the trimmings it's also do not mean anything but we kinda give a jot as the Bunny has sort of taken over Big Time(commercialism and all its sticky tentacles)) and has overshadowed the real meaning of EASTER.

EASTER is all about God and his great love for us. It is about the fulfillment of a promise that was foretold in the Book of Genesis. It is our second chance. It is man being redeemed by his maker. It is the Father laying claim to his children. It is a time to humble ourselves and praise he whose love surpasses all. It is the hope that we all can have. It's a time of rebirth, to search one's soul, to start over, to consider ourselves worthy again. A time to stop trying to control our own lives and hear what the giver of that life has to say. His purpose.. your destiny, his gift..your reward.
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Easter is so much more than new life it is life eternal that separates it from the gimmicks of Mr/Mrs Bunny.It is not just the celebration of that one perfect life that was surrendered for us all it is also to celebrate all life bought by that ultimate sacrifice.
Hosted by SparkleTags.comWhat does Easter mean to me?: It is a reminder of all that we have been blessed with because God considers us his own. As much as we love our own children or as much as our parents love us.. how much more does our Heavenly Father love us. So much more that he gave the life of his only begotten son so that we may be saved.
Hosted by SparkleTags.comHallelujah Lord Jesus AMEN!!

Though Easter like Christmas rolls around but once a year Giving Thanks to the Lord for his Unconditional Love and Forgiveness should be a daily ritual for us.
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We worship a living God and we can lay claim to his promises. We are saved not because of anything that we have done, but because of his great love. We were ransomed by hithe blood of Jesus and now he is seated at the right hand of God the Father. He is alive and he will return.
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Let all who believe rejoice in the fact that our Savior our redeemer lives. Death could not contain or hold back the Son of God, he went to his death willingly. He laid down his unblemished life for us so that we can be reunited with the Father. He rose again because he has been given the authority to raise himself from the grave. How awesome is God's power how great is his unconditional love for us for us that even when we were sinners Christ died for us.
Amen Lord Amen for you love, mercy and grace.
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