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Monday, April 17, 2006


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I remember coming across a beautiful article that talks about people who come into our lives.. How some will stay a while and others only for a fleeting moment. It speaks of those whose memories linger on despite our brief contact but it also makes mention of those who we will cherish our whole lives through. I have met many keepers through the course of my life but since I'm in Japan I will place the emphasis on those who I am so blessed to have crossed paths and hearts here in Nipponland. I will start off with the Samoan crew perhaps in my next visit I will touch on those from other Islands in the Pacific like Palau, Papua New Guinea, Hawaii & Tonga.

It's funny that I had to come here to Japan to meet such wonderful souls like Patricia Margot Florance Netzler, Edna Serena Temese, Felise Paulo Saigo Vaa, Wesley Simamao, Nara Palepa Tupai, Miyuki Suzuki and my dearest Nydia Silipa Aloaina. (There is still sis Taema and husband Dean down in Okinawa, sister Sofia Silipa up in Nigata, brother Fiame Leo and lovely wife Faleolo up in Hokkaido,bros Ben Patu & Mauiliu in Tokyo but I will get to them somehow...) I am so proud that our tiny little island is being well represented by fiesty and determined students. My life has been enriched by their presence and I am a better person because of it.
You may ask so what's funny about that?..Well it's the fact that we all come from the same small island country of Samoa yet prior to my arrival at APU I had never met or seen any of them before. Samoa's population is only around 175,000 and there is only one major town which is also the capital and its quite small. The chances of us bumping into each other there is much more than the possibility of us meeting up in a far away country such as Japan but as it turned out destiny was in favor of the odds. I guess I was meant to meet them and being far away from home made it even more special. God's perfect timimg. I consider it one of the greatest blessings of my life.
Aside from my uni mates who I count as family I met another beautiful soul whose smile and soft disposition I will always remember.. The lovely and Unforgetable Miss Jenny Taotua aka JRO. I guess this blog spot I dedicate to Jen Jen who is like my very own niece well we are all God's children and to me that relationship is a bond that is everlasting. Through Jenny I got to meet other special friends the beautiful Loma Berge our half caste Fijian sister and Aleta Auckland/Saoluafata and his lovely partner Ana Polamalu of Auckland/Laulii and not forgetting Brenna and our brother Faafetai Feliuai down there in Kyuragi-Karatsu.
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There is a lot that can be said about our Jen Jen but that will require more than one person writing in her little blog. She is family oriented, a fabulous friend, she can play guitar, piano, drums probably every instrument created. And she sings like an angel granted I have never heard one sing before but I believe that Jen Jen comes pretty close to it. I know that if she were to read this she would probably cringe n say "please aunty take it off".. but that's the great thing about this blog its my own little space and I can praise or diss anyone to my hearts content and there aint nuttin' anyone can do about it neh neh neh neh...Oh I can be so childish at times but I absolutely luv it... I rub it a rot.!!

But in all honesty once you get to know Jenny you will be so taken in with her sweet personality, warm mannerism and gentle heart that :
...If you are a girl you'd want her for a sister...
...If you are a guy you'd wanna ask for her hand in marriage...
...If you are in between you'd want her for a friend as she can lead you to da light
...If you are a mother you'd wish your son would bring home someone like her
...If you are a father you'd wish your own kids had that much sense and talent.
...If you are a friend you'd count your blessings and appreciate what she brings to the relationship.
... If you are a record producer you would sign her up immediately as this girl can bring it.
... If you are a photographer you'd grab ur gear and put urself on da map...
...If you are in trouble she'll have ur back...

But if you were her aunty like me you would squeezee n squeeeeeeeeeze her and tell her how much you love her.That you pray God Almighty will continue to guide n protect her and pour out his eternal blessing upon her.

I believe that wherever Jenny goes the grace of God will always be with her. She is a young Christian lady who has had her share of pain and heartache. Yet she continues to be steadfast in her trust and love for the Lord. She is the middle child of three children and only girl. Has battled many odds in her young life but her determined spirit and un wavering faith has brought her far and most surely will bring her much success,love and happiness in the future.

blog imagesJenny lost her baby brother Vinnie some years back and though we all know he is in a far better place the void he has left in her life is extrmely deep and still raw. I know that his absence is felt even more when the anniversary of his death rolls around as well as other special holidays but Jenny girl, your brother lives on everytime you sing his favorite songs. You make him proud each time you get up and lead whether its at Fellowship or Sunday service. As long as you remember him in your heart you keep his spirit and his memory alive.

Jenny with her lovely young cousin James Fa'aatuatu and our gorgeous Loma chan

Jenny will always be one of those significant people in my life. No matter what happens in the future whether our paths will cross again or not I will always look back at my time here in Japan and recall that most of my fondest memories have Jen Jen in them. I know in my heart I will see Jenny again whether its back here in Japan for her graduate studies or somewhere else for her wedding har har.. I know the Lord will make a way.. But until then, I tip my hat to one of God's beautiful roses.
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I love you Jensifer. God Bless

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  • At 12:28 PM, Blogger Jalvina said…

    Thanks aunty for adding a pic of me and our beauty Phillipino babe! haha I feel honored to be on your blog!
    lots and lots of love to you!

  • At 8:21 PM, Blogger dasifi said…

    The honor is mine Jen Jen. I really am grateful to have you as a part of my life.

  • At 12:07 PM, Blogger Shark Girl said…

    Thanks for the mention of my name. Yay! I'm famous! Hehe. Thanks Toopstar. I am thankful for your friendship and will treasure it always. All my love to you and the rest of the whanau.

  • At 3:53 PM, Blogger supasta said…

    hiya dasifi..
    strayed onto our blog while checkin out Nydz blogs...great stuff you go goin on here...and its good to see dat mala Felise on here...oka, ua fai le ava a le kamaloa..hehe..
    anyways..u have a good one and keep up the great blogs
    manuia le aso

  • At 3:17 PM, Blogger Jalvina said…

    Oh my goodness UNNTEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! what are you doing??? I didnt know you had a page up about this Jenny! For everyone that is my good friend Jenny not me! Geez unteee man its almost like you putting me up there high with the GODs when Hello I am right down there where elsa trottles her feet!!!
    Man I dont know whether to be deeply touched as it made me cry or whether to kikiga you!!!
    okay I am going to go write you an email coz i have somethings to say to you!

  • At 7:01 PM, Blogger dasifi said… as I have mentioned before you can wring your hands, stamp ur feet, nod ur head or sulk all week ... Just here only here the Toopstar is boss, head honcho, & ruler of everything so I get to write whatever I want.. but really dearest there are not enuff words in da english language to describe u.. tune in next time it will be all in Japanese har har..or maybe Spanish..

  • At 1:18 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

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