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Friday, August 25, 2006

New Favorite Udon Place

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Felise took us to this Udon(Noodles) Restaurant a month ago.. NARUTO and now it has become one of our favorite places to eat. No.. we have not become vegetarians like our boy Felix who has a lot more stamina but perhaps a little less iron in his blood like us meat eating

It's not just the great food that that has compelled us to visit the place like 4 times since then.The restaurant has a real friendly and comfortable atmosphere and the people who work there look real happy to see you.

Ok, so it's a business and they are obliged to smile at the customers even though it may not match the feelings inside but somehow I feel they give us that little extra attention. Which can be attributed to a number of reasons. Could be the fact that
1 ~ we are foreigners.
2 ~ our physical sizes may be a bit intimidating. (though we are not exactly giants we do tend to stand out from the usually petite locals)
3 ~ they know we always order the biggest plates they've got but will not disappoint the chef by eating only a quarter of it.

A fair number ofJapanese customers weve seen frequenting the place order food they seem to eat a few spoonfuls from and then discard it. Perhaps it's a status kind of thing, customers flaunting their wealth by ordering food they cant really finish or could be just that they dont have our huge appetites, who knows? There's one thing I am certain of, the fact that there aint no chance of that ever happening when the Hamo's roll into the joint. It always has to be the triple size serving with a personal gurantee that it will be finished right down to the juice. The food doesn't just gets eaten it gets devoured..faaaoga le kupe hoh!

Was never really a fan of udon I am the typical islander who will eat ramen/saimigi as is or only when then there is nothing else around or in need of a quick meal. But the presentation of Naruto's Udon has gotten me hooked and I can say for sure that when I go back to Samoa this will probably one of the few Japanese meals I will miss. However despite it being disgustingly healthy and so forth I would pass it up in an instant for a taste of Siaosi's mamoe, Treasure Garden's yummy but greasy food, good ole Pinati's stirfry and the faiai fee's, lumane and matalelei from the market. Mommy's home made raw fish and Beef Wellington yeah rite choo hoo laterzzzzzz.
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  • At 7:11 AM, Blogger Peachy.. said…

    That Udon looks sooooo good. I wish we had an authentic Japanese place here. Like every other cuisine, it's been Americanized to fit the American palate.. I'm like craving for fresh sashimi and real sushi...Amuia oe uso... Manuia...

  • At 11:12 AM, Anonymous Supasta said…

    dang shizzz
    pissed as hell wen i posted my comment and it didnt go thru coz i switched to BetaBlogger now..shizzzz..
    anywhos..just passing thru to show some luv and see how u and the princess are doing...
    im craving sashimi and sushi as mouth's watery..har har


  • At 3:19 PM, Blogger Missing Guam, but enjoying the ride said…

    Hey! Decided to check your blogs out after reading your comments on mine. I LOVE THIS ONE! Reminds me so much of the "adventures in eating" that Fotu and I have been having here in Hawaii. Who would have thought that ramen would be more than just a quick fix? I guess this is what they mean by "higher education." Keep up the blogs. Love hearing about islanders out in the world.


  • At 4:21 PM, Blogger dasifi said…

    if only food can be sent as attachments on emails ud have a weeks supply of fresh sushi from me.

    dang I have to edit ur url agen u blog hoppin' wahine.
    Thanks for da lurve gurl feelin' it on dis side.

    missing guam but enjoyin' da ride,
    I am fan of ur blog mate, I luvre ur writing skills. Oh and abt the ramen I guess they aint too bad after all.

    Thanks for stoppin' by guys. Here's to a fun filled weekend for all of us.

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