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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Hanami Island Style :

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(JRO :Singing sensation Jenny Taotua of PTown Wellington & Viliami Latu from Tonga)

Had a great time last Saturday April 8th the Pacific Islanders turned out in full force at Beppu Koen to welcome our new brothers and sisters (2006 APU Spring Intake). There's one thing you can say for certain about us Islanders mention free food and we are there no need to be asked twice. There's one hitch usually it goes like this..We will gladly bring the music, the beer...the conversation and whatever else you fancy but somebody preferably everyone else but us Bring da damn food..

The Sakura Queen herself makes an appearance Yeah

But happy to report we have evolved "pot luck" though an alien concept to most of us has taken root... deep ones.. thankfully. Thanks to the Japanese influence and liking for all things iNsTaNt people were able to bring those wonderful things called bentos or boxed lunches as well as plenty of meat n other edible stuff like Janelle's mangoes which I devoured..yummmmmmy!!Not forgettin' Loma's fabulous curry..I'm up for curry anytime girl har har...

David MA Student from PNG with my husband and baby.

So with plenty to eat/drink and hot bods to feast the eyes upon (JOKES)we rocked it under the sakura trees (cherry blossoms)till the sun was safely tucked away in its usual resting place.(wherever that is Then we moved over to SPA BEACH where we lit up a bonfire the way our ancestors did using flotsam lyin' around the place minus the sound of slurred speeches after one too many Asahi birus.
image hosting Feasted again on a well done BBQ by Mitch and the gang by this time even the burnt bits were tastin' finger lickin' good. I am pretty sure the ojisans who were watching us were guessin' if we were gonna be able finish everything but it took us a just a couple of minutes to put their wondering minds to rest. I mean hello!!** Tu'u (Funaki) was not about to let all that food go to waste and I also brought along my 44 gallon garbage disposal.. that lavish spread never stood a

The Afakasi kids come out to play, my niece Ata & mi boy Mitch.

Uncle Simon brought his kids gosh I could not believe how much they had grown but then, it has been awhile since I've seen them. Funny coz the last time was @ the BBQ uncle threw for Nydia and Ron before they returned home.

Now I see them again at another BBQ uncle organized and its to welcome Ron back as well as the other new students.The latest batch is comprised of 2 Hawaiians Ron and his brother Michael, Marie from PNG & Kilika from Tonga. We are still a small group but at least our number is still growing.

Ata and Michael : Transplanted All Blacks.

The later part of the party was just as great as when we were at the park earlier on in the day with great music from Jenny who drove all the way up from Fukuoka with Loma our Fijian sister. Ata arrived the day before. Give it up for the ELT's. Man is it ELT or ALT??

I always assumed it was English Language Teacher but then again I could be wrong and I have been known to be wrong once or twice har har..Our very own home grown Elvis Viliami and his Tongan entourage also threw in a few numbers. Tina and Felise feeling nostalgic sang the number they performed during the Ai No Nami Concert. It had a lot more bars and chords this time but Tin Tin after a few cans was still able to keep in time and in tune..har har...Anyways having the girls around Ata, Jenny and Loma made it even more special for everyone.

Elsa enjoying their little bonfire hence the bluish haze.

We had to cut our night short though as we had to bring one sleepy Elsa home. She just had the most amazing time with everyone running them ragged especially poor Mitch & Shiori,playing chase,baketball and what not until she discovered the magic of "sand" after that she was captured, totally mesmerized. Little does she know that if there is one thing Samoa has plenty of.. its sand Once we are home she will have all the sand her little heart can bear.

We missed out on karaoke that night as well as going to Cool Banana's in Oita (not that I have ever been there) but hey when you are parents you have to make these little sacrifices but we do not feel like we are missing out as being with our little girl is fun like no other. Anyways peeps happy Hanami...Laterzz

Thank you Lord for a beautiful get together and for blessing us with great weather.
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